Hello, my name is Reham.

The majority know me as HerFitBod.

I entered the fitness world 12 years ago; I focused entirely on my physical health when I worked 8 hours a day in a telecommunications company. With time I wanted to learn more and more about fitness and got certifications in sports and nutrition; then, I decided to choose it as a career to help other women with the knowledge I gained over the years.

I know the biggest challenge for a woman is time, especially if you are a working woman, have kids, or even both. Our fast rhythm life makes it harder for you to have the energy to exercise, but you don’t need hours to spend exercising and not even every day

The key is consistency. And I am here to encourage you to start and help you get going with the minimal equipment you have.

Let me help you take care of your health and help you love yourself and your body because it is the only place you will spend the rest of your life in.

Take care of your body today, so it will take care of you when you get older.

A woman is posing in a brown sports bra and leggings.