Pilates 101 Program

220.34 SAR


Can I do this program if I am a beginner?

It is a simple yet challenging program, but it certainly works for beginners.

Can I add this program to my workout routine?

Yes, you can, however, stick to the 20 minutes ( 1 round ) only, meaning you do not have to repeat it.

Is this program suitable for people with knee injuries or lower back issues?

Yes, for sure it is; Pilates is a recommended type of exercise for people with knee and back issues; however, if you feel unsure about any move, please contact your doctor first.

Is this program suitable for pregnancy and postpartum?

It is suitable for sure unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

What is the age range for this program?

This program suits women, men, and kids.

What should I expect after I finish this 4 weeks program?

To have a stronger body and core with a toned physique.

Can I repeat this program after I finish it?

Yes, you can.

What if the next weeks feel a bit challenging?

You can repeat any week until you feel comfortable moving to the next one.

Can I do more than one round (20 minutes)?

Yes, you can; first, do the warm-up at the beginning of the video, then do the full routine, and right before you move to the stretch at the end of the video -almost in the last 5 minutes of the video repeat the workout, routine again, and leave the stretch to the end of your workout.

What are the equipment needed?

A mat, 2 ankle/ wrist weights (each one either 0.5 kilo or 1 kilo), 2 mini bands, one light and one medium, and a small pilates ball. You can still do the program efficiently if any of the above is unavailable.

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