Get Fit Guide – Home Edition

Original price was: €45.89.Current price is: €39.00.

Original price was: €45.89.Current price is: €39.00.


  • You are busy, but you need to follow a workout program.
  • You need to reach your goal and see results.
  • You don’t have a gym membership.
  • You desire to improve your health and shape your body with minimal equipment at home.
  • You are ready to challenge yourself for the coming 10 weeks.

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  • Chair, two light dumbbells, two medium to heavy dumbbells, and a mini band.
  • If you like to use this guide but don’t have any of the required equipment, there is a replacement list of exercises included within the guide.


This guide is 10 week home program; it is designed in which you can choose the number of days you are planning to workout; if you are a busy person, I get it! Then choose the 3 days workout plan, however, I am giving more options for workout rats, 4 and 5 days plans, based on your preference. With 2 phases (each is 5 weeks long), you will not feel bored while still working on shaping and strengthening your body.

Can I do this guide if I am a beginner?

Yes, you can, it is a simple guide with simple moves, and you decide the weight you use in each exercise based on your fitness level.

Can i do this guide if I have diastasis recti?

Some moves in this guide may not be suitable for those who have diastasis recti issue. 

Does this guide have jump movements?

This guide has some smooth jump movements, like jump squats, skater jumps, and burpees.

The good news is that NO JUMP LUNGES in this guide, Hallelujah!

How long is the workout a day?

It depends on many things: the workout itself, your tempo, and the rest you take between sets. it is something between 45 – 60 minutes.

Is this guide for people who wants to lose weight?

This guide is literally for every goal, it is the perfect home guide for those who wants to lose weight and shape up their body, taking into consideration following a calorie deficit diet.


Once you’ve completed your order, you will receive a confirmation via a thank you page where you can download your workout guide. Additionally, you will receive an email with a link to download email your workout guide. Make sure to download the PDF file to view the guide on all your devices. To access your guide later, simply save the PDF and store it in a safe way to it forever.


If you have any questions about or experience any issues with this guide, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will get back to you!

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